I’ve know Clive for 15 years. He has worked with me at both Portsmouth and Tottenham Football clubs, as a valued member of our team.  His ability to diagnose quickly and treat effectively is first class.  In addition to looking after my players, he also looks after me and my family.  If you have any aches, pains or injuries, I thoroughly recommend a consultation with New Forest Clinics!

- Harry Redknapp, Professional Football Manager

I’m a professional dancer and if I’m not training hard, I’m performing. Getting injured, whether it is a minor sprain, rib out of place or neck that won’t move, is unfortunately an all too common occurrence. When this happens, it’s not only essential to get the most expert attention but also to blend it with a real world attitude of being able to get me back to work – I can’t take 6 weeks off!  I think Clive’s experience with professional athletes makes him the perfect choice to assess my injury and provide an effective treatment plan to get me back onto the stage, not too soon but as quickly as is sensibly possible.

- Jasmine Joy, Dancer and Choreographer

As a very busy yoga teacher, I naturally keep my body in good shape, but it can be exhausting. Every now and again, if I find myself out of alignment with something more complicated that can’t be addressed with stretching, Clive is my go to guy!  His patience, expertise and effectiveness are as good as I’ve ever encountered.  I love the way that he explains everything he does and shows me on his skeleton; it helps me visualise the treatment occurring within.

- Christina Kleindienst, Yoga Instructor

Professional & technical skills compliment personal attributes which have enabled me to continue with an active lifestyle. Dr Clive Maynard & the team @ New Street Clinics are thoroughly recommended without hesitation.

- Ian Guy